Our Mission

Authentic World is a group of parents looking to make a difference in the world of parenting. It’s as simple as that.

Everyone at Authentic World has a unique background and story, but all are grounded in parenthood and raising children, first and foremost.

Although many parents have a certain perception of what raising children is all about, most of them are not entirely on point, especially for first-time parents.

It is in this regard that we help the most, by providing authentic views into what it takes to not just parent a child, but to parent them effectively.

All the while helping you as the parent to live out your own best personal life as well.

Parenting is not easy, by any measure. But with our help, you will see that parenting is absolutely doable for those dedicated not just to their children, but to their own personal growth as parents and as people in general.

We invite you to check out our various articles and learn more about what it really takes to succeed as a parent.