Adoption Is Just As Fulfilling

If you had the choice of raising a child for which you are the biological parent, or raising an adopted child, there is no doubt that 99% of people would prefer the latter option. Raising a biological child of your own is typically the more preferred option simply because you have an innate connection to the child due to the two of you sharing your DNA. You look at that child and know it is yours simply because he or she has your eyes, or your ears, or whatever the case may be. Because of this innate fact, it is easy for many people to believe that adopting is a lesser option, and one that only people who cannot have children of their own take.

And while it definitely is true that adoption is less preferred compared to having a child of your own, it is by no means any less fulfilling overall. Raising a child is raising a child, no matter what sort of biological connections you may or may not have to said child. In fact, from an objective standpoint, adopting is a very noble thing to do given that adopted children are children who no longer have their biological parents available to raise them for whatever reason, meaning they are in desperate need of a parental guardian to raise them. And for those prospective parents who take on this challenge, especially if they do have the ability to procreate on their own, they are showing their true colors as people who want to uplift children who already have it difficult enough as is in life.

But even outside of this fact, adopting a child, whether out of necessity or simply by choice, will lead to the very same fulfillment in life as any other child would. You still do your best to raise them properly, and to help them surpass your own achievements that you experienced while growing up yourself. And you still love them unconditionally, whether they share your blood or not. When you see your child grow up and finally leave the house, you still know that you did everything you could for them, and that no matter where life takes them from that point onward, that they will always love you back and will always keep you in their hearts. These sorts of feelings and thoughts are only indicative of true family, showing that no matter how your child came to be in your life, they are an irreplaceable part of who you are as a parent, and as a person in general.

No one will blame you if you want to have a biological child to call your own, since that is the mindset of most people in the world. However, if you are hesitant about adopting a child as an alternative, don’t be. An adopted child will be just as fulfilling and rewarding as any other child that you raise and call your own.